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We are the Sydney Paragliding & Hang Gliding Club, based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. We fly and manage flying sites along the Northern Beaches of Sydney. We meet at the Harbord Bowls club on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm.

Contact the club through the Contact Us page. If you are intending to fly one of our sites for the first time, please contact a safety officer. The club has many safety officers, all most approachable, you will often find one on the hill or in the air.

Do come to one of our meetings to meet other local pilots. Pilots and potential pilots of all experience are welcome.

Group News

Launch Etiquette

By SPHGC Team on 18th June

One of the things that were apparent, during the busy periods, last summer was that not everyone understands or displays regard for launch etiquette. Here are a few pointers to consider when the breeze favours us again;

 When you arrive at a site, it’s not good form to spread your gear out on the take-off or landing area and then stand around chatting whilst others attempt to find a space to launch. Set up your equipment away from the main launch area, then bunch up your wing and leave it in the shade until you are ready to fly. When you land, you should clear the zone in the same way.

If you aren't flying, your equipment should be bunched up and out of the way of the launch and landing areas. 

Ground handling in the launch/landing areas, when other pilots are flying, should be kept to a minimum and no one should ever be kiting their wing whilst a pilot is landing. Don't sit in front of launch playing around. It makes it hard for others to launch or to set up landing approaches. This is especially true at long Reef. 

Don’t be like the French who, as George W. Bush once famously said “don’t have a word for etiquette”

 (Actually he said entrepreneur but he clearly wouldn’t have known the difference)

 ((Apologies to our French pilots. You weren’t meant to be singled out!))

New Long Reef NE and Cooks Terrace site guides

By SPHGC Team on 16th June

SPHGC saftey officers have been hard at work looking at ways to improve safety at two of our most popular flying sites.
Novice and visiting piolts should ensure they read these guides with all the new addiations highlighed in red. These addiations include important information about sharing airpsace with radio-controlled aircraft and landing in strong winds.

Long Reef NE site guide is here

Cooks terrance new site guide can be found here

NCHC Westpac Helicopter Rescue Service Fundraiser 2015 20th June

By SPHGC Team on 4th May

NCHC have organised a fund raiser for our much loved Wespac Helicopter rescue service. SPHGC team enourages all our memebers to attend for this great cause.

Get your tickets here


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